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|With 2,653 cases since 2006, Jalisco is the third State in the country with more missing people; Nuevo León is next where –according to Segob (Governance Secretary) numbers- 2,455 people have disappeared since 2005

The physical virtues of Carlos, were maybe the factors that motivated his disappearance six years ago.

His athletic complexion, his almost 1.80 meters height, combined with his ability to run fast and his notable intelligence, resulted attractive to those who steal the young people’s freedom with the intention of taking them to the delinquency’s world.

The day that Carlos Alberto Fernández Delgado, 19 years old at that time, was forced to get in a truck by armed men, the evening passed like any other; it was a “cascarita” (soccer match among friends) evening.

On April 30th 2011 as they usually did, about 15 boys met in a park in Santa Catarina, in the west part of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey.

Because they were too entertained with the soccer match they did not give importance to the white trucks that were approaching at full speed.

Armed men got off from them, who suddenly and pointing at them with their arms, pretended to force them to get in the vehicles.

The boys, scared, ran in different directions, some weren’t reached, but seven of them were cornered in different points of the neighborhood and taken by force.

“The boys that could escape from that kidnapping told about it. My son played, in that time, football in the Avispones Club. He was runner, that is why they couldn’t reach him. He was almost 1.80 meters high, he was strong, very thick boned.

“They couldn’t reach him, until he was cornered by two trucks, then he was taken away”, described Laura Alicia Delgado Galván.

In his despair for not being taken, Carlos asked for help to the traders and neighbors in the sector, but fearing to become involved, they refused to hide him, leaving him at sight of the kidnappers.

Laura and her husband, Carlos Fernández Castillo, have made everything since that day. Hoping to find their only son, who is now 26 years old, have undertaken investigators duties, negotiators and searchers.

The official figure of that day was that three boys were taken away, but according to Laura, the witnesses saw that they took seven, that were the ones with wide complexion and high height.

Only three complaints were made, nobody talks about the other four.

Carlitos, as his mother would call him, was about to finish high school in the CU, his plans were to study neurology and after finishing his last football season in the Bantam category, he would accept the invitation to play with the Borregos Team, from the Tec.

The day that Carlitos was taken away, Laura was working as gym instructor in Cancún.

When her husband, who was in charge of the boy, noticed his absence, he thought that he had stayed at a party and waited patiently for his return.

In the course of the days he found out what had happened. He made a claim before the Prosecutor’s Office and asked Laura to return to the city.

“When I arrived he told me that Carlitos had been kidnapped and I don’t know anything else. I just remember that my knees touched the floor”.

From that moment her health and emotional stability deteriorated and there are memories from the last years, from the searching days, that get lost in Laura’s memory.

“Since the beginning the authorities didn’t say anything to us, when I was back, my husband had already made a complaint, he had started to search and he had investigated on his own, actually, everything that’s on the file it’s because my husband investigated”.

The woman recalled that from all of the boys, only one has come back, unfortunately in bad physical and mental conditions.

“He was kept captive for three months and he came back in bones, his hair was burned, his knees were broken, they broke them with a mallet, that’s what he said. He tells that he was in a pit and that they threw fried snacks so he could eat and sometimes they would give him water”, described Laura.

In a precarious declaration that the boy provided in front of the authorities, he told that while being captive, he could see Carlitos just once.

“He said that he was kept with a rag in the head, they took it off and he saw that my son was in front of him sitting on a chair with another man.

“His hands were tied together on his back and he was asked if he knew my son and he said yes and they covered his head again. Then he heard that they asked my son ‘are you gonna work with us or not’.

Carlos refused, but he was threaten by the man, who told him that he knew where his mom lived and that she will be killed.

“And he asked again ‘So, are you in or not?’. Carlitos said yes, and they asked the same to another boy and he said no. He was taken into the pit again”.

The declarations of Carlos’ friend hasn’t been taken as an evidence, because according to the authorities, his mental health is not in good conditions and he has gaps when he raves.

Carlos 2This is a picture of Carlos Alberto, who disappeared in the neighborhood of Santa Catarina, Monterrey (Special photo)

Sitting on a bank at the “plaza de los desaparecidos” (square of the disappeared), in Monterrey downtown, Laura brings with her a portfolio.

She has there diverse documents, it’s his son’s file. This is the work that her husband has made, she affirms, because the investigators from the Procurator’s Office haven’t added any single data to the ones that the couple has registered.

Carlos’ parents have reached such a level of desperation, that they have even met with members of the organized crime, to ask about their son.

“He (her husband) investigated even with the bad buys, he was also threaten, they put a pistol on his head, told him don’t search for him anymore, because they knew everything about us, they knew when I went to the Sedena (National Defense Secretary), they knew I had made a complain even there”.

At the beginning there was no ransom request, but when Mr. Carlos found the meeting point of a group of armed people and asked them about his son’s location, they confirmed they knew about the case and that they would investigate where he was. They asked him 20 thousand pesos to set his son free.

“I went with him and saw their faces, what I wanted was to see them, that they looked at my eyes and know if they were lying. They said that at night, they wouldn’t release him and then they called again asking for another 40 thousand pesos”.

The second amount couldn’t be delivered, because they called to say that they wouldn’t set him free yet “because the situation was too dangerous”.

Before long, the same men who the couple met with, moved next to their house.

Then, the security house was registered by Fuerza Civil (local police) and the assumed gunmen could flee, leaving black bags with money.

One day that his husband was buying fast food, outside of the restaurant one of the man who he was negotiated the null rescue, was waiting for him.

He told him to stop searching for Carlitos, “I just wanna tell you not to keep searching your son, he’s alive, he was taken away to work”.

According to the information that the man provided, Carlitos was kidnapped by “El Mataperros”.

Baltazar Sauceda Estrada, alias El mataperros, was arrested in 2012, and supposedly he’s member of the Zetas cartel and intellectual actor of the fire in Royale Casino, where 52 people died.

He was also identified as the responsible for the murder of police bosses, uniformed ones and transit workers of the state.

Calitos’ parents could also identify the presumably boss of the area in Santa Catarina, who was nicknamed El Marino.

“When they requested the money, the man who took it told us, ‘that one is my boss, he’s El Marino’. I don’t forget, he was really tall, fat and he was kissing a 17 years-old girl, who was the daughter of a woman called Silvia, better known as la Güera”.

Three years went by after the couple initiated the research on their own, until Laura came across with FUNDENL (United Forces for Our Disappeared Ones Nuevo León).

It was when she realized that the file that the Procurator’s Office was handling didn’t belong to her son, but to a different person.

“They start to investigate and to move until I find FUNDENL. In the first meeting that I had at the Procurator’s Office with the group, it turns out that my file was wrong and the three years that I had been searching my son with my husband, the information provided to us about my son, were about other people.

“I told them how was that possible, maybe my son would be already with me if they had helped us, if they had done things right”, ensures Laura.

Although the insistence of the mothers of FUNDENL, El Mataperros has refused to talk with them, the Marino was found dead last year and the other presumably participant in Carlitos’ kidnap, nicknamed El Pelón, and who’s already in jail, hasn’t been made to declare about the boy’s location.

As Laura, many mothers have received reports that their sons were taken to be forced to work for the criminal groups, the authorities know it, but the boys can’t be found.

Despite keeping the hope that Carlitos is still alive, his mother is one of the many mothers that go out to the fields and highways to dig, to search for human remains, with the hope that he’s not there.

“As long as I don’t bury my son, he’s alive and yes I go and search for him with my colleagues, with a broken heart, but I go with the mindset that he’s not there.

“I’m not the only one, the others think the same, because that’s how you feed yourself, that’s how you live; you know that you don’t wanna find him there, you wash your brain before starting the searching and you go shivering, with an upset stomach, you’re not hungry, but the first thought is, my son won’t be there”.