I don’t know how to start writing you, there are many things that I would like to tell you: that we love you, that we think of you day after day, we search you, we wait for you, we ask God to look after you every moment, that guides your way, that protects you and bring you back home, that shows us the way to be together again. I write you with the hope that this message reaches your hands, wherever you are and that you know we are fine, you don’t have to worry about us, we are save.

Our lives changed on that October 21st 2009, when the State took you away from our side and left you unprotected, changing our lives completely, but yours mainly. Since then we search you and fight every day to find you.

You are every moment in our thoughts and hearts. I wonder: where you are, how you are, if you eat, if you are cold… lots of questions run in our minds, every minute is endless and I know that it is mainly for you; and I know that just as we worry about you, you do it about us. I want you to know that that person you care about so much, is fine, he’s safe, he loves you and like us he asks God every day that you are fine and that helps so you are again in our arms.

Thank you for all your teaching, they’ve been so useful for me in this long way of continuous struggle. When I don’t know what to do I turn to the memories and find your advice, I remember your arms and your smile give me strength and they motivate me to continue standing, you taught me not to give up, that is why I know that you’re doing the same and that you fight for surviving. I ask you to please keep on doing it so we can be soon together again.

You know? Over almost this eight years searching you I’ve met many people, I’ll tell you about the good ones, because there are good people too. And, you know, I’m not alone and we are many searching you, we fight for finding you and we have the hope that you’ll be back home.

We hug you strongly even in the distance with all of our love, God bless you now and ever and that illuminates our ways so we can find soon and you can be set free again, that you can dream again and hold in your arms who you love too much.

Your family loves you, waits you and search you forever…

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