By Ana Luisa González Rosas

and Libertad Chavez-Rodriguez


Gloria Karina Oliva Ayala was last seen on January 7, 2015 when she was going home after a job interview. She is 22 years old and is a young woman in one of the municipalities most affected by violence: Benito Juárez, Nuevo León. As in other cases, when Karina’s family tried to denounce her disappearance they ran into the negligence and bureaucracy of the public prosecutor’s office. Their relatives were asked to wait 72 hours for the missing report. Subsequently, the Grupo de Busqueda Inmediata-GEBI (Immediate Searh Group) informed them that those 72 hours are crucial and that’s a report does not need to wait. The Ministerio Público also responds with the criminalization of Karina “She is tattooed, she may be somewhere with somebody“, justifying her absence by referring to her age, appearance and punk lifestyle. Since then, Karina’s father insists heartily: “Now Karina is part of the statistics and I am part of the protests.” Soon, Karis, soon.

Brenda Damaris González Solís disappeared on July 31, 2011, after having a traffic accident in the municipality of Santa Catarina, her last communication was by telephone with Juana Solís, his mother, to notify her what happened when traffic agents arrived at the place And asked him to cut off the call. She was also criminalized for being a woman, and for the authorities in charge the investigation on disappearances. A year after the enforced disappearance, the taxation of notification to Juani, they have recovered who could be his daughter. In another confusing information episode, these remnants of the delivered go with precise instructions: Do not see them and incinerate them. Ignoring the recommendation and accompanied by FUNDENL (United Forces for our Disappeared in Nuevo Leon), Juani was looking for an independent expert, achieving in 2013 that the prosecutor’s office acceded to an external process. The remains delivered to the family were exhumed until September 10, 2014. On February 17, 2015, the EPAF (Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team) delivered the results of the external process: confirmed that the remains are from Brenda Damaris. On February 20, she was buried again. 3 years 6 months and 20 days in the chronicle of the disappearance and femicide of Brenda Damaris. Her case, like that of many victims of disappearance, was plagued by irregularities that remained unpunished.

The cases of Karina and Brenda Damaris, together with the recent adoption of the Gender Violence Alert against Women (AVGM in spanish) and their corresponding report, confirm what we have known for a long time: being a woman is a risk factor in this society.

rsz_mitin-feministaPhoto: Alejandra García

On November 18, 2016, the AVGM was declared in 5 municipalities of the State of Nuevo León: Apodaca, Cadereyta, Juárez, Guadalupe and Monterrey. What is and what does this alert? The AVGM is a protection mechanism that is included in the General Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence. It is being requested for the first time in February 2012 against the growth of violence in the entity, after which in 2011 Monterrey occupied the second place in violence against women after Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The civil association Arthemisas por la Equidad (for Equity) was responsible for requesting and sustaining for five years the fight for the activation of the Alert. At this time, with the support of the National Citizen Observatory of the Feminicide and other allies, it was responsible for collecting information, arming files, arguing, requesting amparos (legal protection) and follow up until its approval by unanimity on November 18, 2016.

Femicide, gender-based murder, was the main reason for the request of the Gender Alert in Nuevo León. Arthemisas por la Equidad reported a figure of 548 women and girls murdered violently between 2000 and 2011. The problem has not diminished: the weekend before February 14, the group FeministasNL protested publicly denouncing that so far of the period Of Rodríguez Calderón’s government have registered 106 femicides. And these are the only that we known.

Femicide is the ultimate expression of violence against women, to get to stop it or start working only on it is to ignore the whole structure of this system based on patriarchal values. “We do not have any report of the abduction of any woman. Maybe they go with the boyfriend. There has not been any report of kidnapping of any woman in what we carry of the administration. It may be a problem for the groom to take them, without the permission of the parents “(Proceso, 2016). On June 14, 2016, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, governor of Nuevo León, pronounced these words, just five months before the declaration of the AVGM.

The AVGM is a binding document between the three levels of government. It is a resource designed in four very clear points: 1) security measures, 2) prevention measures, 3) justice measures, and 4) visibility of gender violence and Zero tolerance message. The Alerta obliges public institutions and civil servants to incorporate the gender perspective,[1] obliges to allocate economic and human resources to prevent, ensure a life free of violence and give justice to the women of Nuevo León, obliges to create programs and spaces where as women we can access, obliges to sanction any institution and / or employees who do not meet these conditions. The Alerta de Violencia de Género contra las Mujeres is a tool for the State because, as Alicia Leal, member of Alternativas Pacificas A.C. says, “women are not vulnerable people, we are people who are violated by a system.” The State is the representative of this system.

Violence against women will not disappear overnight, we are very clear, but we can demand that our authorities comply with these commitments. Determined and delivered women gave us five years of work for the existence of this alert, now it is up to us to know, study, see in which recommendations we can participate, accompany and enforce.

The commitment to a life free of violence belongs to all of us!

We do not disappear, they disapper us!

We do not die, they murder us!

Until find them all!

No more feminicides!

February 20, 2017

Spanish version by Academic@s 43

[1] The gender perspective – contrary to what the advocates of the natural family points out – is not an ideology but the set of theories and mechanisms that are applied in social processes in order to assess the implications it has for men and For women any action that is planned and whose purpose is to achieve gender equality.

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