Who better than a father to describe the painful absence of a daughter who he could never say goodbye to.


NUEVO LEÓN.- In few days will be two years since Karina disappeared. Since that day her father has been carrying with a knot in the throat that he has not been able to unravel.

In these days he started to carry with another one, it is a red ribbon tied to his left wrist, according to him, in order to not forget.

– He reflects that with or without a ribbon, every day and every hour, his daughter is in his memory-

Julio Oliva is Karina Oliva Ayala’s father, she disappeared on January 7th 2015, when she was only 20 years old.

He has become a tireless searcher. He follows every clue, he answers every call and he makes any action that helps him to localize “Karis”, as he used to call her.

He does not know where she was taken to, he is only sure that that morning she went to a job interview in Juárez municipality, the same where she used to live in.

She was punctual at the job appointment and she signed the contract with the Church chicken manager, localized on the free highway Juárez-Apodaca. She agreed on returning next day, but she did not make it.


“At that moment I did not live with them anymore (his ex-wife and children). Her mother realized that day because it was her day off. As Karina sometimes would arrive late at night, she did not pay much attention, until Thursday that they went to search for her at the chicken restaurant.

“I received a call, and me precisely found it strange that she had not answered the messages on Wednesday, because I would always text her via WhatsApp and we would joke”, described Julio.

Karis’ father immediately tried to establish communication with her via Facebook messages and it was at that moment when the idea that there was something wrong took him over.

There was someone looking at the messages, with no doubt, but they were just seen and nobody would answer to his questions about what was going on with her daughter.


As in such cases, bureaucracy avoided that an immediate investigation was initiated.

“I went on Friday to file a complaint and I was told that I had to wait 72 hours before doing so. So I filed the complaint at the Public Ministry until Saturday.

“That is a complete mistake, an aberration, because when I was told to go to GEBI (Immediate Search Special Group), at the GEBI I was told that they only act within the first 72 hours, with which they contradict themselves” pointed Julio Oliva.

Through Karis’ boyfriend, who she already had future plans with, Julio found out that she had been receiving threatening messages. They said they would go for her.

The girl was afraid and she would tell her boyfriend because she had no idea where the messaged came from, but she would receive calls and messages to warn her.

“Some days later I tried to log in to her Facebook account, I hired someone who knows about systems to help me to log in. “The person logged in about five or six times to the account but he was immediately logged off. He told me, you know what? I am really good at this, but the person there, on the other side, is better than me and it is not Karina, and this is being done from a computer”.

Karina is a pretty girl, her skin is white, she is thin and her hair is dark. She wears a nose piercing.

She likes painting and she used her rooms’ walls as a canvas.

Her love for shapes and colors has been reflected also on her skin by getting many tattoos.

On her left wrist she has a blue diamond, on the right one, a rose. On her chest she has a sparrow and on her leg she has an image of her cat Napoleón.

Julio was contacted when Karis had just disappeared, he was told that she was in Monterrey, that a man liked her and she had been taken away.

They ensured that she was safeguarded by men that were at the service of her captor, a “heavy one” of crime, and that it was difficult to go for her.

This went on for four months, until he was told that all of that was not true and the money that had been requested in exchange for the information, was sent back to him. He did not hear anything else.

The last thing he was told is that she is in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. He is sure that she is still alive.


Karis is a punk girl and she likes rock punk, especially an Argentinian band called “Flema”.

She matches on this tastes with her father and with her brother Julio. The three of them like rock.

Julio and she developed a very close friendship after Karina finished the middle high school. We share the taste for Rock, for some bands, we like too much Rock, Metal. Karina likes Punk, I like Hard Rock and Julio likes Metal, but we share our tastes.

“That is why I post in Facebook that we will continue having fun when she is back and I shre songs with her”.

A Sunday that Karina arrived late at home, her father was waiting to tell her off, but more than that, he gave her a lesson that is now part of her life.


She liked to take part at activism events, marches and support meetings to different causes.

That day she had attended to an event about enforce disappearance in the state and in Mexico.

“That night was special because she stared at me and said, “I was in a place where they talk about the missing people”, and I said “do not go to those places because something may happen”.

“She stared at me and said “dad, why do people disappear?” and I said “I do not know”. She said “that word should not exist”. I was really surprised, I did not know what to answer”.

Now she is part of the statistics, laments Julio, “and I am part of the marches she used to attend to”.

Thanks to the contact that Julio established with the friends Karis used to go to Punk Rock gigs to, and thanks to the support that they have provided to him, he does not give up and he keeps participating actively in events to make Karis disappearance known.

*This content was translated exactly as published in Posta by Melva Frutos. The pictures were taken from that article as well. To see the original post, please click on http://www.posta.com.mx/nuevo-leon/desaparecer-en-nuevo-leon-la-historia-de-karina-oliva